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AML - Wafer Bonders

Applied Microengineering Ltd (AML), UK
In-situ Aligned Wafer Bonders
AML (Applied Microengineering Ltd ) was founded in 1992, AML manufactures unique in-situ aligned wafer bonding machines and provides services based around wafer bonding in its new state-of-the-art multi-million pound £ BONDCENTRE facility situated on UK's premiere science park in Harwell, Oxfordshire.

AML's unique Aligned Wafer Bonder machines, the only machines capable of in-situ alignment, activation and bonding on the market, are particularly suited to the bonding requirements of MEMS, IC, & III-V industries. A new upgrade is also now available to allow polymer embossing, imprinting, NIL and other pattern transfer techniques. The machines have the flexibility for R&D and the throughput and automation for volume production as well as the lowest cost of ownership and first class support. AML Bondcenter provides customers with production bonded substrates, device fabrication and 3D integration and wafer package best place.



NEW !  IRIS - IR Wafer Bond Inspection & Maszara Bond Strength tool


Full Area IR inspection of bonded wafers

IR inspectrion is a quick & easy way of non-destructively Inspecting a full area bonded wafer pair for voids, due to poor bonding or particles.

Rapidly inspect wafers up to 200mm ф
• Minimum detectable void height 250 nm
• Minimum detectable lateral void visibility 600µm


NEW IRIS benchtop analytical tool

•Testing carried out on 25mm wide strips. Up to 200mm wafers
•Speeds up bond strength measurements & analysis
• IRIS bond strength measurements verified against SEMI MS5-0813 “Micro Chevron Testing” standard


Automated Maszara Bond strength test tool

• IRIS controls insertion to minimise sample failure
• Angle of insertion – fixed and controlled by design
• Edge effects – IRIS takes measurements over the whole wafer
• Eliminates measurement uncertainties due to influence of operator skill and technique – IRIS provides repeatable blade insertion
• Stress corrosion - IRIS can move the blade at a speed faster than the stress corrosion progression thus eliminating errors due to stress corrosion
• Compatible with un-patterned wafers – unlike the Chevron bond strength method which requires specifically patterned silicon wafers
• Eliminates operator influence in manual Maszara tests providing more reproducible results
• Safer for the operator – no manual handling
• Produces full area wafer bond strength maps


Automatic analysis of measurement data to
produce bond strength maps

• Can measure bond strength up to 2.5 Jm-2
• The bond strength measurement supports many combination of materials e.g. silicon (<100> <111>, borosilicate glass, sapphire, the user can enter elastic modulus for any other material
• Analytical software continuously records the wafer strip position & extracts crack length data via automatic image analysis



AML Wafer Bonders
晶圓對準鍵合機, 廣泛應用於MEMS器件, 晶圓級封裝技術(WLP), 先進真空封裝基底, TSV 3D互聯工藝等。



• Activation, align and bond in single system
• Independent heated upper and lower platen, suitable for Getter
• Low cost of ownership & high productiviting
• Full automation control & data acquistion
• Up to 1 micron accuracy, manual and auto alignment
• Wafer size: 2" to 12"
• Bonding process in vacuum with self contain dry pumping system
• VIS, IR and NIR optics for backside alignment


AML Goodbye Adhesives - 3D IC Wafer Processing to use Vacuum-based Temporary Bonding Technique:


Cost effective, Time Saving!
- Adhesive free vacuum bonding
- Bonding time <5 mins
- Max. Process Temperature >300oC
- Debonding time <10mins
- Ideal for 3D-IC applications




In Situ Plasma Activation Treatment

In Situ Aligned Systems



Aligned Wafer Bonders

Model: FAB12
Wafer Size: 150mm & 200mm (or 300mm)
Wafer Thickness: Max. stack height 6.5mm
Wafer Transmission: Contact edge 3mm area
Air Pressure: 10-6mbar range
Pumpdown Time: 5 min (to 10-4mbar)
Max Bonding Force: 25kN
Case Amount: 2 or 3 (FOUP, SMIF or Open Cassette
                          Load Ports)