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JELIGHT UV Ozone Cleaners

The UVO method is a photo-sensitized oxidation process in which the contaminant molecules of photo resists, resins, human skin oils, cleaning solvent residues, silicone oils, and flux are excited and/or dissociated by the absorption of short-wavelength UV radiation. Atomic oxygen is simultaneously generated when molecular oxygen is dissociated by 184.9 nm and ozone by 253.7 nm uv. The 253.7 nm UV radiation is absorbed by most hydrocarbons and also by ozone. The products of this excitation of contaminant molecules react with atomic oxygen to form simpler, volatile molecules which desorbs from the surface. Therefore, when both UV wavelengths are present atomic oxygen is continuously generated, and ozone is continually formed and destroyed. By placing properly pre-cleaned samples within five millimeters of ozone producing UV source, such as the low pressure mercury vapor grid lamp in the UVO-Cleaner ®, near atomically clean surfaces can be achieved in less than one minute. The process does not damage sensitive device structures of MOS gate oxide.

UVO-Cleaners Specifications:


Model Cleaning tray size Housing dimmension Power requirements
Width Depth Max Height Adjustment Width Depth Height Voltage Frequency


12 12 3 16 24 11 100-120 60
144AX-220 12 12 3 16 24 11 200-240 50
256 16 16 3 20 28 11 100-120 60
256-220 16 16 3 20 28 11 200-240 50
288A 24 12 3 28 24 11 100-120 60
288A-220 24 12 3 28 24 11 200-240 50
342 6 6 4 8 13 10 100-120 60
342-220 6 6 4 8 13 10 200-240 50
384 24 16 3 28 28 11 100-120 60
384-220 24 26 3 28 28 11 200-240 50
42 6 6 1 8 13 8 100-120 60
42-220 6 6 1 8 13 8 200-240 50
5144AX 12 12 5 16.3 28 14 100-120 60
576 24.23 24 3 28 36 11 100-120 60
576-220 24.23 24 3 28 36 11 200-240 50
7576 24 24 7 28 36 15 100-120 60
7576-220 24 24 7 28 36 15 200-240 50

Advantages of a UVO-Cleaner


UVO cleaning is a damage free alternative. Jelight's UVO-Cleaner ® is completely manufactured from polished stainless steel, and is equipped with a digital timer to control UV exposure time. The UVO-Cleaner ® also features an automatic shut-off switch to prevent accidental exposure to UV. Ozone concentration and the distance between the sample and the UV source can greatly affect the cleaning rate. Jelight's UVO- Cleaner ® has a high intensity low pressure mercury vapor UV grid lamp for optimum generation of atomic oxygen, ozone, and short-wave UV radiation for effective cleaning. To maximize the cleaning rate, parts to be cleaned are placed on an adjustable tray. The unit is also equipped with inlet ports for oxygen or other gas media, and an exhaust port for hookup to the exhaust system.



  • Substrate UV cleaning prior to thin film deposition. Descuming and stabilizing photoresist. Hermetic sealing in ultrahigh vacuum.
  • Cleaning of silicon wafers ,lenses, mirrors, solar panels, cold rolled steel, inertial guidance subcomponents, and GaAs wafers.
  • Cleaning of flux, hybrid circuits, and flat panel LCD.
  • Etching Teflon, Viton, and other organic materials.
  • Enhancing oxide passivated surfaces of GaAs and Si.
  • Enhance outgassing of glass.
  • Wafer tape removal.
  • Improve adhesion of coatings on plastics.
  • Ink removal from wafers after testing.
  • Stripping photoresist.
  • Removing latent images from lithography plates.
  • Cleaning lithography plates.
  • Growing oxide layers on silicon wafers.
  • Cleaning circuit boards prior to packaging/adhesion.
  • Increase hydrophilic characteristics of surfaces.
  • UV Cleaning and sterilization for bioscience applications.
  • Optical fibers / optical glass lenses.
  • Cleaning electronic microscope probes.
  • Microscope slides.


Other applications

Ozone Generator

Ozone, a catalytic oxidizer with an oxidation potential of 2.07 eV, is gaining importance in new sectors of research. Chemical laboratories of universities, as well as electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, and medical research institutes, are increasingly using ozone generators for the following applications: semiconductor processing, environmental research, drinking and waste water treatment, plastic and packaging production, and food processing technologies.  Also used for germicidal and sterilization, Ozone disinfects liquid, gaseous, and solid organic substances. New techniques have made the ozone generator extremely economical in laboratorys, pilot plants, and industrial settings. The utilization of short wave ultraviolet light guarantees pure and particle-free ozone.


Producing over 6000 PPM of O3, this ozone generator is equipped with inlet and outlet ports for easy hook-up. The air throughput up to 5 LPM allows for any throughput flow meter for oxygen to be adjusted to the desired concentration. The generator is lightweight, completely encased for portability, and essentially designed to fit laboratory capacity.


Warranty:1 Year(UV lamp not included)





These laboratory ozone generators units are specifically designed as an OEM component ideal for enclosure in a variety of different types of equipment, or for on-line O3 generation. We manufacture a 12" x 2" cell from electro-polished stainless steel with inlet and outlet ports. model 1000 attains the same O3 concentration as the Model 2000, over 6000PPM of O3.


Warranty:1 Year(UV lamp not included)


Every laboratory ozone generator we manufacture, is made of electro-polished stainless steel with inlet and outlet ports. The 9"x 1" cell houses a seven inch O3 producing double-bore lamp. By adjusting the sleeve over the lamp, concentration of O3 can be varied from parts per billion to 3100 parts per million.


Warranty:1 Year(UV lamp not included)