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Sonix - Scanning Acoustic Microscopes

Scanning Acoustic Microscopes
SONIX™ Inc, wholly owned subsidiary of the Danaher Corporations (NYSE:DHR), is a leading manufacturer of scanning acoustic microscopes and non-destructive testing equipment. They have been a consistant innovator in non-destructive testing since 1986. Sonix was the leader who brought the PC-based, digital imaging solutions to customers. Since then, they have continued manufacturing the technology envelope and providing superior inspection technologies and engineering advancements to their customers.

SONIX™ systems are used for the non-destructive inspection of a variety of materials including semiconductor packages, automotive parts and other advanced components. Based on proprietary softwares, hardwares and patented innovations, Sonix’s systems have evolved over many years of experience working with customers. Sonix strives to provide the most accurate data, the perfect image quality, exceptional maneuverability and high reliability of the equipment, so as to improve the efficiency and cost effective.


SONIX Software Advantages:


● Programmable scanning
    Automatic analysis of a customized scanning program.
    Automatically complete the analysis, and generate data.


● FSF Surface tracking line
    Automatically track sample surface to keep same depth of inspection


● ICEBERG Offline Analysis
    Analyzing data offline

● TAMI scan
    No need to select the exact waveform, can be arbitrarily set the scan depth and desired thickness is
    achieved by scanning 200 pictures. The easiest and fastest to complete the analysis.


SONIX Software -
Improved imaging quality for FlipChips & Stacked Die products



Sonix Flexible TAMI™ Design


Specially designed for checking complex and multiply material packages, for example:

● 3D Structure
● Stacked Die
● Bonded wafers
● Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)
● Molded Flip Chips


* All new SONIX™ ECHO™ SAM are equipped with Flexible TAMI™ Gates


Sonix Hardware Advantages:


● Compact, stable structured design
    Modular design makes it as a simple structure, stable and easy to maintain

● High-speed, stable motor design
    The scan axis using the most advanced linear serve motor to provide high-speed, stability, and wear-free

● Patented transducers / lens
    Provide accurate defect inspection, can detect delamin as thin as 0.1 μm.

● PETT Technology
    Simultaneously reflection and transmission.



Packaging Inspection






SONIXTM Echo-VS is a new generation of equipment, designed for greater precision, more complex components. It is used in Flip chips, Stacked die, Bumped die, Bonded Wafers.

● High-resolution, scanning speed is 2.5 times the conventional
    ultrasonic scanning microscope
● Unique waveform simulator (Waveform Simulator) and the beam
    simulation (Beam Emulator)
● Scan resolution of less than 1 micron.
● The water temperature control system and ultraviolet disinfection
    system, the signal is more stable





Fully Automated Scanning Acoustic Microscopes

● Fully automated JEDEC tray handling SAM solution
● Automated tool is something that would increase productivity and
    defect detection
● High volume production
● Reduce drying time



Wafer Inspection



AutoWafer Pro™

A flexible, automated tool designed for production, AutoWafer Pro provides fast, high-resolution scanning of 200mm and 300mm bonded wafers. It’s the ideal solution for identifying bond defects in wafer applications such as MEMS, BSI Sensors, CMOS, memory, TSV and LED.

● Fully automated robotics using open cassettes, SMIF Pod, FOUPs or
    FOSB handling
● Class 1 clean room compliant, with integrated HEPA filter
● 200mm SECS/GEM & KLARF compatible (optional)


Pulse2 Pulser/Receiver for all ECHO and AutoWafer Systems



● +12 dB gain compared to standard pulser/receivers
● 4x improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
● Separates signals from low-level background noise in the signal
● Generates clean, clear images even with ultra-high-frequency




Transducers for ECHO-LS, ECHO VS and ECHO Pro


Sonix S-series transducers are designed in-house to meet the demanding requirements of semiconductor manufacturing.

• Designed in-house.
• Wide frequency range.
• Robust construction.