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Use the Right Tool to get the Right Result!

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy, commonly referred to as SAM or SAT (Scanning Acoustic Tomography) is unparalleled in its ability to spot delaminations, cracks and other anomalies non-destructively. Not only does acoustic microscopy detect the failures but it also can provide the specific location of the problem. Sonix SAMs high resolution images and advanced diagnostic tools are used to:

  • Diagnose device failures and discover failure "root causes"
  • Monitor production sampling
  • Qualify new package or production designs
  • Research new materials or processes

The Sonix Advantage

The purchase of a Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM) is a major decision. A primary consideration in the purchase process is the system must be capable of producing the desired benefits for years to come. In a world of constant technological advances, knowing the "true" architecture of a product is the key to reducing obsolescence, allowing for cost-effective upgrades, and reducing down time through serviceability. Sonix utilizes state-of-the-art technology that ensures your investment meets current and future expectations. Below is a listing of our line of SAM systems currently available for a variety of semiconductor inspection needs.

  • Digital System
  • High Resolution Imaging
  • Precision Hardware
  • High-Frequency Inspection
  • Advanced Software Features
  • Unprecedented Ease of Use



New from Sonix only-make set up and testing EASY by using the unique interactive touch screen and joystick controls right at the tool.

Echo-The universal inspection tool for production, failure analysis and development.

Sonix ECHO can detect defects as small as 0.05 micron and is an excellent tool for bump detection,stacked die inspection, complex Flipchip inspection and more traditonal plastic packages.

SonixTM transducers range in frequency from 10MHz through 300MHz and are designed to address all types of applications and materials.


Other Key Features

Reduced tank height (for improved ergonomics)

Maximum 360° Visibility (for ease of use)

Salanted tank bottom ( for complete draining)

Touch screen and joystick (for ease of use)

Compact and robust system Design ( for low maintenance)

Welded unibody frame (for improved platform stability)

Simultaneous pulse echo and through transmission options (quick defect detection)

Large scan area (for multiple trays or larger samples)

Transducer based Z-axis (moves transducer instead of tray fixture)



Product Details:

To identify the smallest and most subtle defects in leading-edge packaged microelectronic applications, ECHO VS includes standard features such as heated water for optimum acoustic coupling, Flexible TAMI for efficient capture of the most useful data, Waveform Averaging for an improved signal-to-noise ratio, ICEBERG for improved image quality and MFCI for enhanced image quality in the most demanding applications. ECHO VS is the ultimate scanning acoustic solution for molded flip chip, CSP, MCM, stacked die, MUF and other advanced packaging technologies.

  • Detects air defects as thin as 0.01 micron and spatially resolves defects down to 5 microns.
  • Image Enhancement Suite with heated water, waveform simulation and other innovations for industry-leading image quality in advanced packaging applications
  • Image optimization for improved image quality in complex molded flip chips (MUF) and packages with polyimide layers
  • Waveform averaging for improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Transducers from 15MHz through 300MHz, designed and matched in-house to address all types of applications and materials
  • Stacked Die Imaging (SDI) (optional)
  • Molded Flip Chip Imaging (MFCI)





Product Details:

This industry-leading scanning acoustic microscope provides a universal inspection tool for packaged semiconductor development, production and failure analysis. With the ability to detect air defects as thin 0.05 micron and spatially resolve defects down to 10 microns, the ECHO is perfect for bump detection, stacked die (3D packaging) inspection, complex flip chip inspection and more traditional plastic packages.

  • A robust, universal, inspection tool for overmolded single-die packages, bare flip chips and other standard applications
  • Imaging of defects as small as 10 microns
  • Transducers from 15MHz through 200MHz, designed and matched in-house to address all types of applications and materials
  • Stacked Die Imaging (SDI) (optional)
  • Molded Flip Chip Imaging (MFCI) (optional)



Advanced Acoustic Microscopy for stacked die Flip Chips and Bumped Die.

  • Failure Analysis
  • Reliability testing
  • Packaging
  • Process control.



The HT3000 is a SAM tool designed for the needs of production fl oor inspection. It allows for high throughput and automatic handling for either a vertical magazine of trays / boats placed into the system, or trays / boats from a handler fed in through a SMEEMA interface. Each tray / boat is loaded, debubbled, scanned, dried, and unloaded in sequence.



A fully-automated SAM system devoted exclusively for automated, high throughput inspection of wafer substrates, and die bonded to single silicon wafers. Engineered for high throughput, high resolution imaging in a production or process control environment.


Occasionally Sonix has reconditioned or demo equipment available. These systems carry a full system warranty and many can be upgraded to the latest hardware and software if necessary. Call your local Sonix representative for more information or check for system availability.